Hair and airbrush makeup $115

Airbrush makeup only $95

Hair only- Starting at $65 depending on style


Hair and makeup trial run for bride $100
Blow-dry, style, and airbrush makeup for bride $250
Hair style and airbrush makeup for bride $200
Airbrush makeup only for bride $130
Hair only for bride $100
Blow-dry, style, airbrush makeup for attendees $200
Hair and airbrush makeup for attendees $150
Hair only for attendees $85
Airbrush makeup only for attendees $105
Blow-dry style only (does not include heated styling tool) $50
Flower girl & Jr Bridesmaids- Starting at $50 depending on style
Tattoo cover up starting at $25 (email us with a picture for a quote)


Travel quotes are determined by the number of hours spent driving to and from the wedding location.

City of Atlanta- $100

Email us for a quote!

from our brides:



BIG Thank you to Perfectly Pinned Up for making us all feel like princesses on our big day! Kelsey and Samantha are amazing!! So fun to work with and are so great at what they do. THANK YOU!!

- Stephanie Forrester

Shoutout to Perfectly Pinned Up for the amazing hair & makeup, and for making me heat & 'sweat like a man' proof! Kelsey and Samantha are an amazing team!

- Megan Mallett


Do you apply false lashes?

Yes, if you are receiving a makeup service from us, false lashes are included in the pricing above. If you choose to not have a makeup service done but would like false lashes applied we charge $10.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?

We require cancellation within 24 hours of single appointments and 48 hours for wedding parties.

50% of the total service cost must be paid if cancelation falls after the permitted time frame.

How long will the makeup last?

We use Dinair Airbrush Makeup that ensures 20 hour wear foundation, along with long wearing lipstick and setting spray. Even in the summertime heat your makeup will stay looking fresh & beautiful all day long.
We recommend only using a soft tissue to blot your face during the day, if necessary.

Does a trial run come with my bridal hair & makeup cost?

A trial run appointment is an added expense. Many brides choose not to do a trial run where as others feel it is very important. During your trial run appointment, we practice hair/makeup looks until you are happy with the overall look. This typically takes anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on how many styles we are testing out that day. Please be aware that we offer trial run appointments Tuesday-Friday, as we are on location for other events on the weekends.

What is the difference between receiving a blow-dry, style and just an updo or style?

* A blow-dry style is an additional service. You will arrive with your hair wet and we will give you a nice "salon style" blow-dry, similar to when you get your hair done with your regular hair dresser.
* If you choose to get further styling with a heating tool, or receive an updo, that is an additional service.
*If you are receiving a hair style only, you will come to the location with your hair completely dry. We charge for any hair that needs to be blowdried, as this adds on extra time to getting everyone ready for the event.